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Somali Volunteering Work, Non-Profit Organization

The Somali Volunteering Work Forum is a dynamic platform that harnesses the power of volunteerism to contribute towards the achievement of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Somalia. Recognizing the critical role of volunteers in driving positive change, our forum is dedicated to mobilizing, supporting, and empowering volunteers in their efforts towards sustainable development..

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Hassan Ali Ahmed


LThe Somali Volunteering Work Forum is a dynamic and non-profit platform that harnesses the power of volunteerism to contribute towards the achievement of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Somalia. Recognizing the critical role of volunteers in driving positive change, our forum is dedicated to mobilizing, supporting, and empowering volunteers in their efforts towards sustainable development.

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About Volunteering

Why is volunteering so essential for sustainable development? The answer is simple yet profound. Sustainable development is not just about economic growth; it's about creating a better, fairer, and more equitable society for all. It's about addressing pressing issues such as education, healthcare, gender equality, and environmental sustainability.

Latest Events

Mr. Hassan Ali Ahmed, the Director of Somali Volunteering Work, visited the office of the Deputy Mayor of C/casiis District, Mr. Luqmaan Ahmed Mohamed, accompanied by Ms. Mulki Abdullahi Ali. During the meeting, they discussed the implementation of the projects undertaken by the organization related to community issues. Deputy Mayor Luqmaan expressed his appreciation and support for the valuable work being done by the organization, pledging to collaborate closely to further the goals of the Somali Volunteering Work in the district. Additionally, Deputy Mayor Luqmaan commended the significant contributions of the organization towards addressing pressing community needs. He assured that the district would actively support and facilitate the initiatives of the Somali Volunteering Work, emphasizing his commitment to enhancing cooperation between the municipality and the organization for the betterment of the Somali community.

The launch of the "Make Your City Green" project on January 20, 2024, marked a significant collaborative effort between the Somali Volunteering Work Forum and the Somali Regional Development Association (SEDO). The primary objective of this initiative is to enhance the aesthetic appeal of cities by planting an impressive twenty-five thousand trees within the span of 120 days. This ambitious undertaking reflects the commitment of these organizations to environmental sustainability and community beautification. The opening ceremony of the project witnessed the presence of distinguished guests, including HE MP Abd Rahman Mohamed Sheikh, who holds the position of Director of Social Affairs in the Banadir Region. The event also attracted leaders from the Union of Banadir Regional Schools, the Director of Lazareti Hospital, and various members of civil society. Their collective presence underscored the widespread support and interest in fostering positive changes within the community through environmental initiatives. The active involvement of these influential figures serves as a testament to the broader societal impact and importance of the "Make Your City Green" project. By engaging key stakeholders, including educational institutions represented by the leaders of the Union of Banadir Regional Schools, the project aims to instill a sense of responsibility and environmental stewardship among community members. This collaborative approach highlights the potential for lasting positive change when diverse sectors of society come together for a common cause. In a symbolic gesture of partnership, the directors of both organizations handed over trees to the leaders of the Union of Banadir Regional Schools during the ceremony. This act not only signifies the official commencement of their participation in the project but also emphasizes the shared responsibility in fostering a green and sustainable urban environment. As the project unfolds over the next 120 days, it is expected to leave a lasting impact on the cities involved, transforming them into greener and more vibrant spaces for the benefit of current and future generations.

In a significant stride towards fostering collaboration for the betterment of Somalia, the Forum Somali Volunteering Work and the Somali Environmental Development Organization (SEDO) have entered into a comprehensive agreement. Both organizations, deeply committed to serving the needs of the nation and its people, are poised to leverage their collective expertise and resources to address critical issues and contribute to the overall development of Somalia. The agreement reflects a shared vision between Forum Somali Volunteering Work and SEDO, emphasizing the importance of unity and collaboration in achieving sustainable impact. By pooling their respective strengths, the organizations aim to amplify their efforts in key sectors that play a crucial role in the country's progress. The agreement lays the foundation for joint initiatives that will focus on community development, environmental sustainability, and other vital aspects that directly impact the lives of the Somali people. As part of this collaborative endeavor, Forum Somali Volunteering Work and SEDO are committed to implementing projects and programs that address pressing challenges facing Somalia. The partnership is not only expected to enhance the efficiency of existing projects but also to facilitate the development of new, innovative solutions that align with the evolving needs of the nation. A central focus of the agreement is the improvement of services provided by both organizations. By streamlining their operations and sharing best practices, Forum Somali Volunteering Work and SEDO aim to optimize the impact of their services, ensuring they reach a wider audience and make a meaningful difference in the lives of the Somali people. The collaboration underscores the belief that collective action is pivotal in tackling complex issues such as environmental sustainability, social development, and community well-being. By fostering a spirit of cooperation and mutual support, Forum Somali Volunteering Work and SEDO are poised to set a precedent for effective partnerships that transcend organizational boundaries and contribute to the holistic growth of Somalia. In conclusion, the agreement between Forum Somali Volunteering Work and SEDO marks a significant milestone in the journey towards a more prosperous and sustainable Somalia. The partnership sets the stage for transformative initiatives that hold the potential to create lasting positive change. Through this collaborative effort, both organizations are not only strengthening their own capacities but also exemplifying the power of unity in driving meaningful progress for the benefit of the entire nation.

During their recent mission to Beledweyne, the Somali Volunteers Forum, under the leadership of Director Mr. Hassan Ali Ahmed, engaged in crucial discussions with the Chairman and administration of Hiran region. Recognizing the significance of collaborative efforts, the delegation also met with various sectors of the community to gather information and opinions regarding the devastating effects of the recent floods that have engulfed the city. This direct interaction with local authorities and community representatives serves as a vital step in understanding the specific needs and challenges faced by the affected population. The meetings with the administration and different sectors provided an opportunity for the Somali Volunteers Forum to share valuable insights into the impact of the floods. Through open dialogue, the delegation exchanged information on the extent of the damage caused and discussed potential strategies for effective disaster management and recovery. The firsthand accounts from the community members shed light on the immediate needs and long-term requirements essential for rebuilding the lives of those affected by the floods. In parallel, the Volunteers Forum extended its focus beyond the recent floods, actively collecting information on the impacts of El Niño on the region. By delving into the broader context of environmental challenges, the delegation aims to contribute to a comprehensive understanding of recurring disasters. Sharing practical tips and real-life examples during their interactions, the Forum emphasizes the importance of volunteer activities and community engagement in mitigating the losses and damages associated with disasters. The Somali Volunteers Forum remains dedicated to promoting a culture of volunteerism and community understanding as crucial elements in disaster management. By sharing experiences and knowledge, the delegation seeks to empower both local authorities and community members to actively participate in reducing the vulnerabilities of the region and fostering a more resilient society. Through these collaborative efforts, the Forum aspires to contribute to a sustainable framework for disaster preparedness and response in Beledweyne and beyond.

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